When Phil Lynott wrote the song King’s Call he also wrote the manual on how to mourn a fallen rock hero. Using that manual, Lynott fans all over the world have gathered on the 4th of January, drinking with their friends listening to his music, every year since 1986 when Phil sadly passed away. In 2009 we spent that nighth at the KGB bar in Stockholm. The Little Darlings together with a number of special friends played Thin Lizzys and Phils songs. The place was jammed and it was a wonderful night. Those of you who where there knows what I’m talking about. 2010 and 2011 the tribute to the world’s greatest rock poet took place at Skyddsrummet Event och Festlokal in Stockholm. In 2012 we steped it up a bit and moved to Bryggarsalen by Odenplan in Stockholm. We also invited the one and only Brian Robertson as a guest. On Januay 4th 2013 we once again rocked Bryggarsalen, Norrtullgatan 12N, Stockholm.

You can find pictures and videos from past events here.